Digital Products and their Importance

There are a lot of businesses going around us today. People are involved in the trade of commodities, which they purchase from the wholesaler and sell it further to the final customers. Selling online is something that has been popular for a notable period of time, but most people still do not know about the benefits of selling online. Other than physical goods, one can also sell ‘digital products’. Let’s study more about digital products and why you should sell digital products.

It has been our history that businessmen purchase and sell commodities to earn a profit. It has been like this for quite a long time.

Things have changed nowadays. Everyone knows about the internet and the revolution it has begun in our history. We can do almost anything on the internet. We can use the internet for information, entertainment, connecting with people, and whatnot. The fun fact is, we can also earn with the help of the internet.

Turns out our fun fact is not much exciting as it is not something new. Everyone knows that we can earn through the internet. You also know this right? The thing is, the internet can be used to do wonders and for earning tons of money but approximately 80% of the population does not know about how it is done. The rest of the people, i.e. 20%, are exploiting this opportunity and earning their share, which they also deserve.

What is in it for me?

A lot of people do not know why is this even important. E-commerce is growing day by day. Businessmen who have their own online platforms or have themselves registered as online sellers with some big e-commerce companies are doing quite well.

The whole thing is, you can use the internet to make some extra money, or you can browse through the latest episodes of your favorite show on Netflix.

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If you are a college student and have access to the internet and a computer/mobile device, you are already eligible to earn online. Wondering how is that possible. It’s not tough; provided you do it correctly.

What are digital products?

Digital products are those intangible goods and services which are published for sale on the internet and exist in digital form.

Digital goods or e-goods are intangible goods that exist in digital form.”

As on Wikipedia

In other words, digital products could be anything that exists digitally and can be stored on a computer hard drive. Take the upcoming points for instance.

What digital products can I sell?

The most common online products are as follows –


E-books are quite popular these days. You can create a simple PDF file filled with knowledge or tutorials, depending on what you can teach or instruct. You can simply go through your college syllabus, learn about it all, and break down the complicated things into simple statements and you have enough content. There are a lot of websites that provide study material and notes according to the syllabus. You can start a website and upload your e-books and sell it for a minimal cost. Students will visit your website every year and will want to purchase the e-book provided you have worked well on the content.

You’ll be getting hits every year, so you wouldn’t run out of audience ever. It will also help you study so you can clear your exams (if you are a current student), and you will also get to learn about a few more things. You can partner up with professors and students from other streams to get more content for your website.


You can also upload video lessons on your website if you want to sell them. Videos are the most interactive as it gathers maximum attention as compared to text and images. Also, your videos could be uploaded on a YouTube channel if you also believe that education should be free. Your videos will be recommended to others if you explain the topic better than the professor. There is a lack of professors who really dive into the topic, can really explain it well. It is a problem in the education system however, you can turn this into an opportunity and earn out of it. This could be simply done if you study a particular lesson very well, be perfect at it, and publish a video lesson.


Softwares are a whole different revolution in our world. Computers are the most powerful machines in the world after the almighty ‘human brain’. If you are someone who is into software development, your chances of starting a company of your own are very high. Softwares are simply applications or programs which work to do a specific task.

How is a business made? You have to look for a problem and solve it. That’s it. You just have to find a problem faced by the users and develop software to solve it. Technology has made it simple for people to purchase and use computers.

Almost everyone uses computers or smartphones. You can even lookup at the number of active users, therefore the scope in developing and selling software is endless. Even if you think that developing software or mobile applications is tough, you’re right. To solve this, you can take a course or learn from YouTube for free. It will take time, but it will also generate huge revenue.


If you’re someone who can create audio tracks, it is another opportunity for you to generate passive income. Generating audio is not that tough, you just need to learn how to use the right software. There is a lot of software through which you can create audio files and music beats. You can release your own music tracks if you have access to a computer. You can create music beats just by using some music creation software. There are a lot of applications that provide you with the facility to create good-quality audio. ‘Garageband’ is an application provided to iOS users in the default installation.

If you don’t know how to use this software, there are plenty of videos for the same on YouTube. Generating tracks on a computer is preferable as it provides convenience. You can look out for what you like the most, and get started with it. Check the videos below and see for yourself that producing music is not that difficult.

For instance, this guy shows how he creates his own track using the Garageband application for iOS.

The beauty of music production applications is that you can simulate common musical instruments like Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, etc. You can create any kind of music you want and obviously, the limits are endless.

Benefits of dealing in Digital Products

The benefits of selling digital products are as follows –

Unlimited Stock

People have to worry about inventory and management when dealing with physical goods however, the stock is unlimited if you are selling an e-book or an audio track. You don’t have to worry about when you’ll be out of stock or when you should order more stock and how much. All the sales will be done without any problems and you will never have to worry about stock management.

Huge market

The Internet is the biggest market in the world. According to, there are 4.57 billion active internet users in 2020. This creates a humungous market for you to serve. The market is huge, so you have to work hard on creating your content so it stands out. In addition to this, if you use online marketing in the right manner, it becomes quite easy to find customers.

24×7 operations

Unlike any physical store, your website or YouTube channel will be open forever, which means you will be earning even while sleeping. A website or a YouTube channel will always be online, therefore, customers won’t turn back unless they didn’t like the product you’re selling.

Low upfront costs

Setting up your own online store can be done at a very low cost as compared to setting up a physical store for business. These reduced costs will help you spend more on computing power, so you can develop or create more content easily. For instance, setting up a physical store requires purchasing or renting land, completing all the paperwork and other formalities, wait for the stock to come in so it could be sold further. However, in the case of selling digital products, you only need to purchase hosting and build a website. After that, you are good to go. Siteground provides the best hosting service all around the globe. If you are into building online portals or just simple and attractive websites, try Siteground.

Worldwide management

You will be able to manage your online business from anywhere in the world. The only requirements for this are a computer and an internet connection, and you are ready to go. You can also create and post new content.

In conclusion, digital products are a good way to sell and earn as you never run out of stock. Your product can be sold endlessly, irrespective of your location. You just have to make an effort to create something and publish it either on your own website or on your YouTube channel. You can also target other social media platforms to increase awareness. If you have an interest in any of the topics discussed above, earning out of it isn’t that difficult. Always develop a plan before taking action and be sure to exploit every opportunity you have. Good luck!

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