Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Wondering where were we? Well looking and finding out the finest and best affiliate platforms so that it becomes easy for you to earn while you chill with your granny beside the beach! Let’s learn about the best affiliate marketing platforms from where you can start your own

So, to start with let’s first understand what the term ‘webmaster’ means.


A Webmaster is the owner of a website. In the simplest form, it is a person who maintains their own website and looks after the elements related to it.
There are millions of webmasters, and it’s amazing to see how active they have been on the web. The experience and the level of performance that these webmasters have is surprisingly amazing.
These webmasters mainly use ShareASale, Shopify, eBay partner network, ClickBank, Avantlink, AvanGate, CJ Affiliate, Amazon Associates, Peer-Fly wherein the publishers and advertisers are able to communicate and promote various affiliate services on their websites.

Let’s now begin with the list of the best affiliate marketing platforms!

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is free to join but what differentiates it from others is that you get a 12% advertising fee from not only the products that you advertise but from all the qualifying purchases. It has a large number of products to advertise for and it doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, content site, or an influencer, you everything from Amazon. Amazon Associates is the number one preference in our list of best affiliate marketing platforms as it provides a unique feature, in which if a user clicks your affiliate link and doesn’t make a purchase right off, you will still be paid if the user makes a purchase in the next 24 hours. This is what makes it the best opportunity. One of the very popular and best affiliate marketing platforms you can find.


PeerFly, flat-topped affiliate networks of 2015 hierarchic by mThink. It boxes around 250,000 total publishers and seventy-five thousand actives among those. Succouring one hundred sixty-five countries and over 2000 shoppers and 8000 total offers. The imperative and crucial half is, it bets on one billion clicks and eight million conversions. PeerFly additionally proves to contribute to full-time compliance and fraud detection.

Why opt for Peer-Fly –

  • You will customize the pursuit platform
  • Over and on top of 2000 live offers
  • Guaranteed prime payouts
  • Accelerated payment possibility
  • Reward programs & contests
  • Free coaching and tools

 Most importantly it’s free! And additionally provides you with another platform affLIFT. It proves to be the finest affiliate marketing platform.


ShareASale is quite wonderful and one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in the world. It is originally from River North Neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois USA. It basically caters to two parties: the merchant and the affiliate. Here the affiliate promotes their desired product and earns commissions as they are promised.

Hey, you! Yeah, you, don’t give up now, it’s just the beginning of your dawn! Money Money Money! 

Shopify Affiliates

Shopify comes next in my list because it not only lets you groom your entrepreneurial affiliate with 24X7 support and partner support and affiliate tools, but it also saves time and money for your content creation when you link blogs, videos, webinars, and automated funnels. It provides you an extra opportunity to earn quite a heavy pocket for each referral.

eBay Partner Network

With commission rates of 50%-70%, eBay’s partner network is a very good option and the money is transferred either by direct deposit or by PayPal.

  • Choose from listings or from 1 billion others from eBay’s global marketplace
  • Share your monetized digital footprints to your visitors on your website
  • You get paid your commission, whenever someone clicks on your footprint, within 24hrs

Joining is absolutely free and easy! Another best affiliate marketing platform for you.


ClickBank offers commissions as high as 90% of the product you advertise. It pays punctually and you also get credit for each sale you’ve done. It also offers you the option to promote upsell offers and benefits you with recurring commissions and lets you interact with the best of the best affiliate marketers who guides you to be the best.


AvantLink is quite different than others as it not only offers a platform for affiliates but lets them turn their ideas of marketing and affiliating into reality with their special tools on the entire network and you even get a revenue share. With serious merchants and billions of products to choose from and lots and lots of real-time data helps you get your cut real easy.

These tools are –

  • Product level tools
  • Robust reporting
  • Application program interface
  • Paid placements
  • Dynamic deals
  • Automatic referral link converter
  • Custom tracking
  • App market


AvanGate has been awarded consecutively with the 1st rank in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Considering one of the best affiliate platforms. It has 22000+ software products and tools for marketing and expertise. It deals with Digital and software products. With commission, up to 75% and free sign-up 24X7 support are also available.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate contains one of the largest product lines that an affiliate can get. it is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms. It not only enables them to meet and help the publishers and merchants but also lets them groom and upgrade through the newest opportunities and tackle the threats.

I hope it was quite what you expected. Well, anything for you! These are the best affiliate marketing platforms. Are you a newbie to the world of affiliate marketing? Follow this link to learn about the basics of affiliate marketing.


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