Amazon Associates: A Guide

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website that probably has everything you need. It’s hard to believe that Amazon also offers a free option ‘Amazon Associates, to monetize one’s website in order to create an income source! That’s right, a passive income that credits your bank account even when you’re surfing out in the ocean, or enjoying a couple of beers with your lads.

So, let’s understand what is “Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates

It is among the list of immense affiliate marketing networks in the world, which is free and provides an opportunity for publishers, content creators, and website owners to monetize their traffic. Publishers, content creators, and website owners can pick any product they want from and advertise or display on their sites by creating links that amazon offers via its tools.

When someone makes a purchase via the referred link, as a reward, the publisher gets a commission, also called referral fees.

Important rules of Amazon Associates

  1. Do not use affiliate links in e-mails, PDFs, and confidential and private groups. As it might put in trouble.
  2. Do not consider Amazon’s customers like yours. When a customer contacts you, immediately contact Amazon, because you only redirect customers to their platform. That is your sole purpose.
  3. On your site or any other location of affiliation, state “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”
  4. Do not make any public communication except for the above statement, as it may lead to the violation of Amazon’s Policy.
  5. Referring to prices is risky as it fluctuates.
  6. Never use/avoid link-shortening methods.

For any related queries read Amazon’s full policy here.                 

Eligibility of Amazon Associates

To go for Amazon Associates program, you must have an active website, a YouTube channel, an app, or a blog. You need a platform where you can promote your affiliate links.

Path to turn into an Amazon Affiliate

Create a website or any active platform

Amazon Associates cannot be used if you don’t have an active website or application or YouTube or any such platform. Even if you have a site or app or a channel but it’s not active, Amazon will not find it authentic and because your site or app does not receive much traffic.

Therefore, keep these points in mind –

  • You must have a website, app, or channel.
  • It must be active.

While filling out the Amazon Associate forms you will be asked for the following–

  • The site or app or channel
  • Purpose of the creation of the website
  • What kind of content do you upload
  • What category of the audience you are targeting
  • Source of the traffic that you generate

Hey! don’t be bored already! We know you are curious.

Surf to Amazon Associate

Let’s create an Amazon Associate account.

  • Open the Amazon Associate page
  • Click upon “Sign up”
  • You will be redirected to “Log in” or “Sign up.”

Create your Amazon Associate profile

Now you will be redirected to “Sign up” or “Log in”. Complete your profile as per the directions.

Fill up the Required Information

Fill in your account information that contains the name, address, and payment details.

Enter your Platform’s URL (site, app, channel)

Enter the details of your active site, application, or channel.

When asked about the website that “Are any of the websites or mobile apps listed above directed primarily at children under 13?”, click ‘No’.  

Choose your preferred Associate store ID

It’s the longest of all procedures. The form will ask you the following –

  • Associate store ID
  • Your site/app/channel (if you have any)
  • Reason for the existence of your website
  • Topics best describing your website
  • The items (among the given options) you wish to list on your site, app, or channel (As you will be affiliating related to these products.)
  • Type of your website or app. (Such as blog, comparison, niche, etc.)
  • Through what, do you actually drive your traffic into your site or app. (SEO, PPC, etc.)
  • Do you utilize or use your site or app to generate income?
  • How do you build links?
  • Total visitors on your site, the reason to join Amazon Associate and how did you hear about Amazon Associate

Provide your contact details

Fill in your contact details and press “Call me now” for the need for verification. And patiently wait for the call from Amazon itself. Once you get the call, they will provide you an OTP (One Time Password) which is the pin for authorization, because assuring your identity ascends trust. Fill in that PIN and you have now successfully created your account!

Select your Payment method

As you will be involved in monetary transactions, choose the payment method (Debit or Credit card) and Tax ID information, maybe now or sometime later, whenever it suits you. Then proceed to your Amazon Associate Dashboard.

Create Affiliate links of the products you want

As you have completed the above procedures, you will be redirected to your ‘Personal Associate’ page, which shows your performance and records regarding your affiliates. It also includes earnings, orders shipped, clicks, conversion, etc. Now that we have come this far, we will also guide you to create your Amazon Association affiliation Links. And yes, it’s very easy.

Pathways to Create Amazon Associates Affiliate links

Log in to your Amazon Associate account.

Tap on Product Linking in the top left corner of your account. You will be redirected to a page where you will create your link.

After you tap on the product links you can search for a typical or (whatever you wish for) product, brand, model, or category, click the search button beside the search box, and wait for the results to show up.

You can also add the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) which is an alphanumeric code of 10 characters to search for a specific product. You can also obtain the ASIN of the product information section from the Amazon listing section.


Right after you search for your desired product to promote, the search result will appear in your window, and on the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the “Get link” button. You can get the URL of the product or you can even customize the link. Your ad can either be an image and text or only text or image only. You can also customize the heading/title of the ad, to make it look more attractive according to your site.

At the bottom of the “Highlight and copy HTML below, then paste it into the code of your website” you will find your long HTML code which you can copy and paste in your site.

Profits earned here in the Amazon Associate program are credited in your given payment details within 60 days of the duration following the end of the month. The payment is made either via direct deposit to your given account or checks or via Amazon gift card. It should also be noticed that the method of payment you choose differs in the minimum balance that you require to withdraw. If you do not have the minimum required balance, as per that method of payment you can’t withdraw your money.

Remember –

To maximize your profits herein at Amazon Associates keep the following in mind.
  • Always choose a Niche product. Don’t wander around and deviate from your category of the product line. Because focusing matters.
  • As already mentioned above, never ever copy content from someone else’s, because that copied content can ruin everything!
  • Always keep your site, application, or channel active and regular.
  • To make other countries’ people get in your site, localize your links so that you can have a maximum of views and an increased chance of conversion of sales.

Localizing links might even be free or paid, depends what ways you want to choose.

There it is!

All about Amazon Association Affiliate. But it never ends. All which we have told you is just the tip of the iceberg, and if you keep digging, you will find millions of different ways to benefit yourself and earn the max out of it.

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