NYSE: How to Choose a Top Performing Stock

NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is the largest stock exchange in the world and was a major part of New York City’s flourishing business. It lost its dominance after the 2008 financial crisis and has been struggling to hold on ever since. In 2013, it reopened a trading floor in Singapore to grow its global presence. The NYSE’s market value was worth $29 billion when it started trading on April 17th, 2009. It now stands at $18 billion as of 2016.

NYSE was the brainchild of a group of businessmen including Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and William O’Brien. It opened on the 10th of May 1817. It is located at 11 Wall street in New York City.

Twelve stockbrokers originally formed the NYSE, paying $100 each to buy seats. The first transaction was in company stocks which traded at $4 a share.

Changes and Modifications in the NYSE

The exchange had its ups and downs and went through many changes during its early years.

The NYSE started the most extended continuous trading session from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. It was changed to 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM and then until 3:00 pm in 1975.

It wasn’t until 1982 that the NYSE changed its hours again, this time opening at 10:00 (10 A.M.) and closing at 15:00 (3 P.M.). The session length was shortened to 1 hour from 10th March 2005 and then as of August 2007. Trading on NYSE occurs from 10:00 until 14:00. The exchange closed during World War I for seven years between 1914 – 1921.

In 1957, NYSE became a stock exchange that traded everything from stocks to bonds.

The NYSE continues to change and innovate. It has developed trading platforms like its slow feed that ensures each stock is updated at 50 cents per share on a delayed basis. In 2008, it introduced the Delayed Ticker service which made every trade available online by 5 pm.

The NYSE changed its hours in late 2007, leaving only 82 trading days a year open to investors in New York City and London. The NYSE has been struggling with its London desk since it opened in 1993 for a lack of demand leading to low volume and high fees.

When it comes to the stock market, we are all aware of the general slowdown in economic growth. Some investors may be wondering where to turn to find value.

NYSE Top performers

We have put together a list of stocks that offer both good value and a healthy dividend for investors. The following stocks are offered in alphabetical order and not ranked numerically: Buckles (BKE), Callaway Golf Company (ELY), Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. (DNG), Edward Jones & Co., L.P., Equifax, Inc. (EFX), Goldcorp (GG), Highwoods Properties, Inc. (HIW), Kansas City Southern (KSU), Laredo Petroleum Holdings, Inc. (LPI), Midstream Partners LP (MPLX), NVR, Inc. (NVR). Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. (OHI) and Quality Care Properties, LP (QCP).

Buckle Inc.

The buckle is a leading specialty retailer of men’s clothing and accessories selling through mall-based locations under the Buckle name and women’s clothing through Buckle Baby and children’s clothing through Buckle Kids stores in the United States and Canada. The Company sells men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, including hosiery and footwear. As of March 3, 2012, the Company operated 294 stores in 13 markets. [NASDAQ: BKE]


Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf is known for product innovation, producing industry-leading innovations such as the first driver with a variable face thickness in 1957 and the first putter engineered to deliver maximum distance without sacrificing accuracy. The Company is recognized worldwide for its innovative high-performance golf products including drivers, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, and wedges as well as Puttsport equipment designed for practice by golfers at every skill level. The Company’s products are sold through leading golf specialty retailers, mass merchants, and warehouse club stores worldwide. The Company has additional operations in Europe and South America and sells merchandise through Internet operations as well as directly to customers. In addition to its golf business, Callaway also owns a majority interest in TomTom Inc., (TOM2), a provider of mapping, navigation, traffic information, and services for mobile devices. [NYSE:ELY]

NYSE: Stocks to hold

A new assortment of stocks is expected to outperform others. These stocks are listed below:

  • P&G
  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Archer Daniels Midland Corporation (ADM)
  • National Retail Properties Inc. (NRA)

Using this information as a springboard, you should determine which stocks will be best for your investment portfolio. These projections can help you decide whether or not it’s worth purchasing these stocks right now or if it would be better to wait for an even moment. No matter what choice you make here, monitoring these stocks should give you enough information on which companies could do well in the future.

How to choose a stock for investment?

Due to the volatile nature of the stock market, you must be ready to react as soon as any real news comes out. For example, here are some real-world questions that can help you decide whether or not a particular stock is worth buying:

1. What is the current situation with this stock price? There may be a strong chance that this stock will remain at its current price for an extended period of time. If so, it’s best to wait until an even better moment arrives.

2. What is the company’s overall performance compared to its competitors?

3. What are the best strategies for this company to maintain a competitive edge over its peers?

All of these questions will help you decide whether or not you should purchase this stock. They can also help you determine whether or not the company will continue to do well in the stock market. You have all of the information that you need to make an informed decision on how significant buying this stock would be for your investment portfolio.

Obtain answers from multiple sources before making any investment decisions with your money.

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